The Financial Industry is going through rapid revolution changes with introduction of Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech and you just cannot lag behind. With our deep experience in AI Data and AI IT Services, our team of experts in Centre of Excellence (CoE) with average over 30 years of finance domain knowledge in Banking and Insurance, we could help you to grow your Company with our advanced technology in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Big Data and Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Transformation.

1. Banking Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO)

  • Digital Bank BPO
  • Data Processing
  • Bank Operations
  • Job Augmentation
  • Customer Services (Call Centres)

2. Finance IT Services

  • Staff Augmentation and Off-Shore Development Centre (ODC)
  • Development Services
  • Testing Services

3. Finance IT Solutions

  • Solution Development
  • Solution Maintenance and Support

4. Finance AI Data

  • Scenario Data Collection
  • Scenario Data Annotation
  • AML Data
  • KYC Data
  • Digitalization

5. Finance AI Solutions

  • AI Invoicing Solution
  • AI Address Parsing Solution
  • AI Financial Statement Reader
  • Data Science Platform – Data Canvas
Digital Banking BPO Services

We help your Digital Banking operations in:

  1. Verification of supporting documents uploaded for account opening or loan application.
  2. Cross-border payment and wired transfer settlement process
  3. Trade facilitation and reconciliation procedures
  4. Amongst others

Insurance Companies:

  1. Verification and digitization of Insurance application
  2. Digitalization of Claims
  3. Scan Claim document and digitization
  4. Tailor-made Insurance Data according to customer requirements

We provide:

  1. Independent and secured office
  2. Staff with experience in bank operations
  3. Prestige office in Cebu
Lifewood Capabilities in Banking & Insurance BPO
  • Image Processing: Data Scanning, Quality Inspection Supplement Recording, Image Size etc.
  • Customer Data Entry: Customer Information Classification, Basic Information Entry, etc.
  • Credit Investigation Assistance: Online Assistance Investigation and Telephone Credit Investigation, Personal Credit Report, Personal Identity Verification, Verification of the Subject’s Credit Source and Accuracy of Information etc.
  • Comprehensive Data Processing: Data Transfer Registration, Credit Report Printing, Data Sorting and Binding, Document Return Processing, Bank Card Distribution, Statement Printing and Sending, etc.
  • Credit Card Outbound Services: Card Activation Reminder, Dormant Card Activation, Promotion of Bank Activities etc.
  • Collection Business, Telemarketing
  • Reconciliation Data Collection (OCR) Recognition Technology Reconciliation Voucher
  • Cash Business: ATM Business Expansion, Cash Counting, Authenticity Re-inspection etc.
  • Reconciliation
  • Credit: Reconciliation between Banks and Enterprises, Bill Data, Printing, Sending, Reconciliation Data Collection OCR or Manual Statement Statistics Summary; Lending Business
  • Customer Services
Customized Services – IT Staff Augmentation/Solutions
BPO Centres/ODC Locations
Our BPO Centres and ODC
Finance Scenario Data Services
  • Handle the digitalization of large quantities of invoices and related paper documents for you, helping you to process financial operations and analysis faster.
  • Handle most document types: invoices, equipment lists, time sheets, shipping lists, purchase orders, receipts etc.
  • Handle files of different formats and different languages.
  • The accuracy in field and character level is 98% – 100%
AI Invoicing Solution
  • Intelligent scanning of different invoices and receipts
  • Intelligent extraction of financial-related data
  • Adopt AI technologies such as AI OCR, NLP, NER, etc.
AI Address Parsing Solution

Lifewood’s AI solution parses address in different formats helping you:

  • Fieldization (parse addresses to become multiple independent fields for easy analysis)
  • Standardization
  • Formalization
  • Auto-fill missing information (such as building name, company organization name)
AI Financial Statement Reader

Intelligently read various balance sheets, annual reports and financial statements, extract the financial data you need, helping you understand the financial status of your customers in a glance.

Other AI Financial Solutions
  • Credit Assessment
  • RoboAdvisory
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • RPA
  • STP Efficiency & Resilience
Finance Data Science Platform – DataCanvas