AI Data Annotation

In the age of AI, data is the fuel for all analytic and machine learning. At Lifewood, we are here to be the integral part of your digital strategy to accelerate your cognitive system development and unleash the power of AI.

Lifewood provides high quality annotation services on full range of medium such as text, images, audio, and video for both computer vision and natural language processing development.

High quality training data is crucial to AI model development and model is only as good as the training data. Quality starts with our most valuable resources, our digital workforce. In our workforce management, getting the right people is foremost. We believe everyone have their own strength, our goal to match the right person to the right task.


Data Workforce Management Process

The initial process involved several round of evaluation and to understand our workforce. There are some significant investment, however, we stand by our philosophy and it is a worthwhile for our staff, our customer and Lifewood.

In AI data annotation, Domain knowledge and contextual understanding is essential, to distinguish the nuance in the data. Our managed digital workforce are are fully selected based on the nature of the project. They went through bespoke training and certification program before deploying to the production. During the labeling process, there is continuous check and feedback loop to monitor the performance of the annotation process.

Data Solution

Our comprehensive portfolio of data solutions address wide range of our client data problems. Services include data transcription,data transformation, data cleansing, web scraping, data migration and etc.

Computer Vision

Training AI to “see” and “understand” the world requires high volume of quality training data. Lifewood provides total data solution for your CV development from data collection to data annotation. We have experience in both image and video annotation in variety applications include autonomous vehicle, farm monitoring, face recognition to name a few.

Natural Language Processing

Lifewood has partnered with some of the world most advance companies in NLP development. Our distributed network of managed workforce span across the globe providing assess to multiple languages and dialect for both text and audio data.

Historical Documents & Genealogy

With over 15 years serving genealogy clients, we have expertise in all kind of genealogy documents from all over the worlds and in multi languages.