We are a market leader in providing highly customized artificial intelligence training databases and genealogy records processing services.

Lifewood Company was established in 2004. It has developed from a small, labor-intensive data input center to a large-scale enterprise with "industrialization into informatization" production mode. Its production bases are located in Dongguan, Wuxi and Shanxi. In response to the initiative of the national the belt and road initiative, Lifewood began to share Lifewood's accumulated data processing technology and successful management experience in China five years ago to Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Benin, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries in Africa. Lifewood set up production bases there and overcame various difficulties. It gradually learned about the local culture, language, work mode, and application of science and technology from ignorance. It then developed into an international team of colleagues in China and the belt and road initiative to jointly face and handle the ever-changing big data and artificial intelligence projects. Through such an international platform, it can process artificial intelligence data of language, image, voice and face recognition from more than 30 countries for customers at home and abroad.

Lifewood Company is the first industrialized multilingual big data production enterprise in China. In the past 15 years, Lifewood has been at the forefront of the development of global artificial intelligence big data technology through continuous research and development investment and technology accumulation. It has shared successful technologies and experiences of construction and development with 10 countries and regions in "the belt and road initiative" and handled big data business in more than 30 languages. With a big data production team of nearly 10,000 people, LIFEWOOD has grown into a leading enterprise in the industry.

Key Company Milestones